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Einschulung des 5. Jahrgangs

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19.12.2018 - 04:23

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27.09.13 19:57 Alter: 5 Jahre

Foreign Language Night


Again, you made the Foreign Language Night a great event!


Thank you, Mrs Bruschke, who did a fantastic job making the impossible possible, doing different things at the same time and organising an extremely tasteful buffet together with the 10-year-students!


Thank you, class 7.4 for performing those great InterAct plays in such a cute way - and with Mrs Bruschke's support, of course. Thank you, Cultural Studies 10, you did a great job writing and performing "Alice in Wonderland"! These costumes and that mak-up were terrific!Thank you , Mrs Bruschke, for being such a talented helper and organiser to your group! And those commercials! What a great laugh!


Muchas gracias, Seňora Martin-Aldea, for giving this great pleasure of listening to most beautiful songs in the Spanish language. What a sound! Brilliant costumes and make-up. What a touching atmosphere when everybody was dancing! Thank you you, Spanish group 10!


Thank you, Mrs Walzog and class 5.2 for that funky starter "Let's get started". What a great choir!


Thank you, Bili Group 6 for performing Lenka's song so perfectly.The dance was difficult and complicated - and you did it well. Thanks to the musiXircus for the supporting music and voices.

Thank you, Bili 7, for the very funny sketches in very good English. Thank you, Mrs Salewsky, for making this possible.


Merci, Mme Harles, for letting us listen to the sweet sound of the French Language spoken and rapped brilliantly by your Year 8 French Group! Dieter Bohlen couldn't have done a better casting . Thank you, Maren and Enno, for being the masters of conference. You were so fantastic that I haven’t got enough words to express. Not only your outfit but also your pronunciation, intonation, your choice of words and your perfect team-work made your announcements something very, very special. And you can be sure, I’m not the only one who says so. COOL! Thank you, you made the night!


Thank you, Mrs Lewinske and the CS 9-course, for taking us on a "Magical Mystery Tour" to the "Land Down Under" in the "OZ HOPPER". A really strange and funny travel group. Thank you, Carla, the cool Argentina traveller, who told us such interesting facts about that amazing South American country and the capital Buenos Aires. I'm sure you made a lot of kids very curious.


Last but not least, everything in a show would be nothing, because it would be impossible without the technicians. What would happen, if the light wouldn’t work properly, what, if the curtain would be opened and closed at the wrong time etc….. Thank you, Mr Birker, thank you, Merten, thank you, thank you, Mr Osterloh, thanks to the musiXircus for the cool smashing music, you did a perfect job, you were a most reliable team!


In an era dominated by the development of modern technology of communication nothing, believe me, really nothing works with out our NEW TECHNOLOGY STAFF, who literally work day and night to give us a fascinating web performance, thank you, Mr Stuelb, Mr Lüddecke and Mr Junga! Nobody in the World Wide Web would be able to see us and read about us without your skillful work! Thanks a lot!


Thank you, Mr Borchert, for working overtime! Many thanks to the audience, to everybody, I didn’t mention but who, somehow was involved in the English night. Some colleagues had to take extra classes because others had to do rehearsals with their groups, others had to do without some important students and had to change plans because of that. Thank you for being so generous and uncomplicated!


Thanks to everybody who put some money into the donation-boxes!


Thank You!

Yours Jürgen Lühn