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17.03.2018 - 00:45

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21.06.17 21:30 Alter: 268 Tage

White Horse Theatre zu Gast in der IGS Querum

White Horse Theatre 2017 - 8th June

In English, we watched a play which is called "Move to Junk." It was performed by an English theatre group in our great hall.
The play was about cyber bullying (Cyber Mobbing in German) and a girl has been bullied by the whole class. A friend of the girl tried to help her but in the end the girl is dead.

The play was great and the actors did a good job.
We had a lot of fun.
All actors from the play were from England.
It was good that we could ask the actors some questions because we could practise our English.

(Michel Lendrat)

... and by the way: The White Horse Theatre will be back in May 2018 with a performance of "Two Gentlemen"!